Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld Level 80 Cheats and Tips

These Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld level 80 cheats and tips to show you how to beat level 80 of Candy Crush Dreamworld. The goal of level 80 is to bring down 2 nuts and 2 cherries in 30 moves and get at least 40,000 points.

Candy Crush Dreamworld Level 80 Cheats

  • In this level of dreamworld the goal is to bring down 2 nuts and 2 cherries in 30 moves or less scoring at least 40,000 points. There are various blockers at the bottom of the game one in particular being a chocolate blocker. Chocolate blockers multiply quickly if individually removed, however if all are removed together they no longer multiply. Your first task is to make color combinations at the bottom of the screen and clear away the meringue blockers.

  • You need to get the two hazelnuts and cherries down to the bottom of the screen. The only way to do this is to clear a path through the middle first. Use striped candies on the middle to clear a path for the ingredients to drop down. Make sure both sets of ingredients reach the bottom. Combine color bombs to turn regular candy into striped candy. At the end of the level if you have extra moves left moonstruck will activate. Any combinations made during moonstruck will result in extra points towards your final score.


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