Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld Level 77 Cheats and Tips

These Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld level 77 cheats and tips to show you how to beat level 77 of Candy Crush Dreamworld.

Candy Crush Dreamworld Level 77 Cheats

  • The goal of level 77 in Dreamworld is to clear 9 jellies in 24 moves and get at least 30,000 points.

  • In this level, you have to plan each move you make very carefully. With only 24 moves at your disposal, you can’t afford to be careless. It doesn’t help that many of the jelly tiles are in hard to reach places. Try to use vertical striped candies to get those out of reach jellies.
  • The chocolate in the center of the board is the biggest threat on this level. If you let the chocolate reach across the center strip in this level, then you might as well start over again. The level is almost impossible to beat when the chocolate crosses that threshold.
  • Try not to break the licorice X before taking out the chocolate. The chocolate needs to be your first priority or it will spread too far.
  • Use vertical striped candy blasts to take out the jelly tiles and Moon Struck when you get the opportunity. Moonstruck is crucial to success in this level. Fortunately for you, the opportunity to use it arises 4 times in just 24 moves!


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