Candy Crush Saga Chocolates

Chocolate squares are one of the many blockers in Candy Crush Saga, which first appear in level 51. Candy Crush Saga chocolates sound delicious, but they are actually one of the most inhibiting and frustrating obstacles in the game. They are actually one of the easiest blockers to clear, the problem is what happens if you don’t crush them!

How Candy Crush Saga chocolates multiply:

Every time you make a move and don’t eliminate a chocolate square from the board, another one spawns right from the original chocolate. This means that the squares cannot appear in sporadic spaces around the board. They can only spawn from another piece of chocolate.

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These pests can easily take over sections of a board in any level if you don’t pay attention to them. When they multiply, they consume candies on the board. This can be very debilitating because they can swallow hard earned special candies or candies in position to make special candies.

The good news is that if you happen to clear every chocolate square from the board, then the chocolate will be completely eliminated and not return for the remainder of the level. However, starting on level 156, Candy Crush introduces a new blocker that makes chocolates impossible to eliminate completely. These new obstacles are chocolate fountains and they spew out chocolate squares, so even if you’ve cleared all the chocolate from the board, more will be created by the fountain. Just like chocolate squares, they’ll only spew chocolates on non-chocolate-clearing moves. In addition, the chocolate fountains can’t be eliminated from the board so in levels that have them, you’re going to have to deal with chocolates the whole time.

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How to clear Candy Crush Saga chocolates:

Chocolate squares are somewhat fragile as far as blockers go, but their multiplying ability makes them so dangerous. Every type of candy and special candy can crush a chocolate square. Whenever you make a match adjacent to a chocolate square, they are instantly cleared. The more chocolates that are touching candies during a match, the more of them will get eliminated.

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Special candies can really do a number on chocolate squares. For example, a striped candy can take out a whole row or column of chocolate squares just like it clears regular candies, a wrapped candy will crush all chocolates in its blast radius, etc.

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It is not necessary to clear all of the chocolates from the board in levels that they are included in. Most of the time, they get crushed by accident as collateral damage as you try to achieve the goal of the level. But at the same time, they can be the sole reason why you lose a level. There will be instances when you can’t make a match near them and they take over the whole board. So, make sure to keep the chocolate in check because it can singlehandedly lose you any given level.

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